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my name is lizzie, i'm a second year illustration student, and this is an art/doodle blog!

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steven stop taking selfies
lovely colour palettes from here!

reflecting on the time a few of my friends and i cycled on the tarka trail in devon, which goes past the chivenor royal marines base! it’s a lovely cycle ride and i highly recommend it.

not pictured: seekan falling over, hannah slipping in the mud, lucy getting sun stroke.

some chells

guess who got kirby triple deluxe the other day!! the circus ability is so cute ;o;
i made an instagram for doodles! ta-daaa:
my first year of university is officially over!! here’s my work from our end of year exhibition. sorry it’s not a very good quality photo but you get the idea!!
my parents visited me at uni today and we went to the beach! they were both wearing sunglasses. here’s them looking cool.

here’s what i did during eurovision! it certainly made the contest more interesting. CONGRATS TO CONCHITA